Still waiting….

The heart transplant evaluation team meets every Monday. Daddy started his evaluations on Monday, Jan. 11th and every Monday since then, we’ve been hopeful to hear a decision as to whether he will be listed. As of today another Monday has passed. I’ll admit… I’m feeling a little impatient tonight.

Daddy has great perspective. Waiting on God’s timing is what we are doing. Thus, we have no need to be irritated that His timing wasn’t today.

Daddy has an appointment in Charlotte tomorrow afternoon. Even though we were told we’d be notified on the Monday he’s evaluated, I am hopeful that tomorrow we may have news after his appointment. We’ll see…

If we don’t know if he’s listed yet, at least we’ll know what the next step will be.

If we don’t have anything else that must be done (tests, appointments, etc), next Monday will be here in only 6 more days…

I’ve been told it’s a dangerous thing to pray for patience, but that is what I need right now.


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